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Alumni Supplemental Insurance Program


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Premium Discounts

Many supplemental insurance plans have traditionally been available only through participating employers. As a result, many Americans have not had the opportunity to purchase this type of insurance. The great news is that several plans can now be purchased* on a discounted individual basis as a member of one of our participating Alumni Associations.

Why Supplemental Insurance?

The need for supplemental coverage has become an essential part of protecting your family's financial security as gaps in benefit plans continue to widen. The Solution… Cash!. In case of an accident or illness, some supplemental insurance policies can pay cash directly to you regardless of any other insurance you may have. The cash can be used for Deductibles or Co-payments for medical expenses, or it can be used for every day expenses such as Mortgage Payments, Car Payments, Groceries, Utilities, Childcare and more.






* Most policies are underwritten for health. Policy issue is not guaranteed.