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Medicare is under going some of the most significant changes since it was first introduced in 1965. Click the links below to learn more.


Medicare Supplements

Sometimes referred to as "Medigap programs" as they cover the "gaps" in Medicare, such as co-insurance, co-payments, and deductibles.


Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit (Part D)

The new Prescription Drug Benefit provides peace of mind as it protects you against the ever increasing prescription drug costs. Even if you currently do not take many prescriptions, you should still consider enrolling in a plan. As you age, the more likely it will be that you will need prescriptions to stay healthy. Also, if you do not signup when you are first eligible, your may have to pay a higher premium if you choose to join later.


Medicare Advantage Programs (Part C)

These programs are low cost alternatives to expensive Medicare Supplements (as low as $0 per month depending on your area). With these programs, seniors will pay small deductibles or co-payments for services with a cap your total out-of-pocket expenses. These programs can potentially save you thousands of dollars each year as they eliminate the need for expensive Medicare Supplements. There are plans available which allow you to use your own doctor and which do not require referral slips. Call us today to learn more and see which plans are in your area.